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Post-earthquake emergency


The earthquake that struck the Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto regions of Italy in May of last year renewed the need for encounter and debate on the relationship between emergency and reconstruction.

The increasingly frequent catastrophic events affecting Italy are forcing us to consider what possibilities the reconstruction of a territory, or of a part of it, can offer in terms of the recovery and regeneration of urban fabric.

This research aims to investigate, starting out from the Emilian case, through continuous observation from the event until today, on the one hand tools and strategies to cope with the shelter and settlement emergency caused by the earthquake, on the other the possibilities offered by the tools adopted subsequently for reconstruction.

In parallel, nationally, analysis and comparison of the post-disaster reconstruction procedures of some emblematic Italian cases such as L'Aquila, allow the creation of a model of comparison from which emerge fundamental considerations with respect to the theme of post-emergency housing.

Starting from the concept of emergency and the subsequent phases of temporariness and reconstruction that this generates, by investigating and analysing existing tools and their validity, it emerges that the theme of post-emergency action planning must already assume a role within the processes of planning and government of urban and territorial transformation.

Modena / November 20, 2013

Palazzina Pucci, Via Canaletto, 110

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