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Urban theatrality

Urban theatrality

For the second consecutive year was held in Parma International Workshop on IP Erasmus funded by the European Union and cared for by the teachers Quintelli Carlo Enrico Prandi and Lamberto Amistadi collaboration with Marco Maretto and graduate students Paul Strina, Annapaola Nolli and Nicholas Montini, all pertaining to the Department of Civil Engineering, Environment, Territory and Architecture, University of Parma. The new workshop addressed the problems of the form and urban liveability of the outer suburbs, in this case the district of Sant'Eurosia to the south-east of the city, posing itself, in addition, the problem of urban theatricality that emerges when the city ceases to expand and necessarily ends up looking to itself, thus highlighting the lack of an identifying image as well as of liveability and belonging that has marked recent developments. How can we retrieve through the tools of architecture and the urban project a condition in which the city, and its suburbs in particular, becomes a theatre of the relationships and social representativeness that animate it? On this theme, the workshop was attended by over forty participants between students and professors from different European and non-European universities such as Hamburg (Prof. Gesine Weinmiller), Nantes (Prof. Susan Dunne), Prague (Prof. Ondrej Cisler), Istanbul (Prof. Aykut Karaman) as well as from our own university, of course, and with the collaboration of professional architects from the Order of Architects in Parma.

Parma / Set.-Ott. 2013

Shakespeare Terrace, Piazzale Goito

Download the workshop programme in PDF format