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The compact city


In the last edition of the Festival of Architecture, Bologna hosted the first occasion for public debate on the 2013 Spinner research programme for projects of regional importance, which involved various personalities from the academic and technical-administrative worlds operational in that territorial basin consisting of the 10 provincial capital cities of the Emilia Romagna Region assumed as a context for applied analysis that included Forlė. And this year it is none other than Forlė, mindful of the first considerations of a methodological and analytical/applicative type that emerged during the last edition of the Festival, to pick up the thematic theme undertaken, by presenting the second state of progress of the Spinner Research. The objective being to define a new structural attitude of the urban body in crisis; space, not understood generically but selected through factors of accessibility, visibility and usability that qualify it as a centrality in a city where physical continuity between the parts still endures, and interpreted as a primary resource in the context of a densification by architectural types close to a "social condenser". To this end, with a European outlook, the research is heading towards the preparation of new architectural models that are bearers of a "centrality effect" and are replicable until they become "theatrically multifaceted" in the sense of a set of forms interdependent upon one another, in other words, a system in the urban scene of the futurist compact city in contrast to the current phenomenon of the sprawling dispersed city.

Forlė / November 22, 2013

The ex-Refectory, San Domenico Museums, Piazza Guido da Montefeltro, 12

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