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Festival Architettura Edizioni was set up as the publishing wing of the Festival of Architecture. This has to be stated to remove any doubt that it is in some way an independent publishing enterprise, in the already thorny, not to mention variegated, sector of books and magazines on architecture.

The cultural strategy of this publishing tool is therefore intimately tied to the way the Festival is constructed. In its choice of non-conventional themes and subjects, in its exploratory approach according to the research key, above all university-based, in the contribution of opinions and knowledge which are not necessarily self-evident.

We asked ourselves: what is left of the many exhibitions, seminars and meetings at the Festival? To be able to have a comprehensive reinstatement through a catalogue and some publications dedicated to specific events was an increasingly consistent need which we wished to fulfil.

The memories, sensations and ‒ we trust ‒ also the things learnt, discovered and shared, are no longer doomed to remain in the personal and collective memory of those who attended the Festival, but can be at least partially set down in published, transmissible documentation.

Some exhorted us to try to escape from within the confines of the Festival. We like to think the Festival has no confines and can prove a place par excellence to grasp opportunities and proposals worthy of being printed.

Carlo Quintelli