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Entering a university has a metaphorical meaning. People entering are different of those who graduate. University is like a hospital for souls.This is a nice opportunity that the function of a university meets with the function of hospital in Oltretorrente. This is functional coincidence but also an opportunity. Universities and hospitals have entries but have no exits, because everybody who was a student stays him for the rest of his life. For this reason nobody can forget his studentís life and research.For this reason the gate to a university is quite special; entering means the process not an act. Usually one enters a space just by passing by a border. We are transferring from one world to another by passing by a door. University is quite different, you enroll and you study for the rest of your life, so the gate means also a lifetime process.For this reason a university gate should be a non finished object. The gate is changing in time and can be changed by people. The people are elements of the gate, they are main actors and they animate evolution of the entrance.We try to design an object of open architecture which can be manipulated by time and by people. This is the meaning of a gate in a process.The solution takes as granted the eternity of Via Emilia. In the same time it opens a new opportunity to enter the university. The entrance is not quite clear, you must climbed up to discover that the road to uni-versity requires intelligence. A big roof covers a big entrance and buildings. A regular building contains all the popular functions and a round building is an round replica baptisterio of Parma. This serves as meeting space, lecture hall and a show room on the ground level and a thesaurus under-ground. The composition is completed by a ramp in the center of the square connected with a gate under the ground level. The ramp falling down in the square and the ramp climbing up in the gate where inspired by old theatherís compositions.

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