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IP Workshop - Compact City Architecture 2013


CCA - FAQ - 2013

1) Where will the Workshop take place?

The 2013 Workshop will take place in Parma, Italy, from 19 September to 4 october 2013 at the Teatro DUE. The Workshop timetable will be from 9.00am - 7.00pm Monday to Friday.

2) Where will I be staying in Parma?

Students will be accommodated in rooms at the Terzo Millennio Residence ( which is situated near the University Campus of Parma. The residence is served by bus number 7, 14 and 21

3) Which students from which Universities will I find in Parma?

Project partners include the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Parma, ITALY, the Czech Technical University of Prague, Faculty of Architecture CZECH REPUBLIC; the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Faculty of Architecture TURKEY; the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Nantes FRANCE; the Hafencity Universitat Hamburg - Faculty of Architecture GERMANY, each of which will be selecting 6 students for a total of 30 students. The Workshop, carried out entirely in English, will deal with the theme of a project for a defined area of the city of Parma.

4) What language will the Workshop be held in?

English is the official language of the Workshop

5) What does the Workshop consist of?

The Workshop will include design activities, lessons, and lectures given by official teachers, integrated teachers and guest experts, who will also take part in the discussions and collective project reviews.

Further activities involving tutors from the University of Parma are planned.

6) How is the selection made?

Each university is responsible for the selection of 6 students to be made by a local commission.

As stipulated in the candidature, to take part students must be enrolled in the Third year of the Degree in Sciences of Architecture or the Master’s Degree in Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture of Parma, or equivalent years at the other universities.

7) How will I be tackling the project activities?

Students will tackle the project in mixed nationality groups under the continuous guidance of an assistant professor. Additional activities have been planned by inside tutors from the University of Parma.

8) What will the final result of the Workshop be?

The final results, i.e. the detailed 1:100 scale project will be assessed by a jury of lecturers, and will be displayed in an exhibition which may travel to the other universities involved and will be included in an international publication.

9) What will I get from attending and receiving a positive opinion on my work?

Students taking part will be awarded no. 4 ECTS credits.

Following attendance of the Workshop and a positive result, a delegate of the Faculty of Architecture of Parma (Department of Civil Engineering, Environment, Land and Architecture) will issue certification that 4 ECTS credits have been awarded, which the student must present after his/her return to an Erasmus office that officially recognizes study plans.

10) Is attendance of the Workshop compulsory?

Yes, the Workshop requires obligatory attendance from 19 September to 4 October except for weekends when some optional cultural trips have been planned.

Students have to sign an attendance sheet every day.

11) When do I have to arrive in/leave Parma?

Arrival and departure are scheduled for 18 September and 5 October, respectively.

12) I am a student/tutor/lecturer participating in the Workshop. Do I have to book my own accommodation?

No, the Workshop organizers will arrange to book accommodation on the basis of academic conventions, where the workshop is taking place and the available budget

13) I am a student/tutor/lecturer participating in the Workshop. Do I have to book my own transport?

There are two ways to organize the trip.

A) Students/tutors/lecturers plan the trip itinerary by booking their own tickets (bus, train, plane) paying for them, and keeping the travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, etc.). On arrival in Parma repayment will be made upon delivery of the documents. Please note that the reimbursement of undocumented expenses is not possible;

B) The Workshop organizers can arrange to book journeys on the basis of the information provided (city/airport of departure, city/airport of arrival, etc.) and send the reserved tickets in good time.

Solution A) allows greater flexibility in management (e.g. in the case of last minute programme changes) but has the disadvantage of the advance of money.

Solution B) offers less flexibility as far as the trip is concerned.

14) What does the LLP IP Erasmus financing cover?

The LLP Erasmus agency financing covers travel + accommodation expenses: the accommodation allowance is fixed and is related to the days established in the tables available for each country; the travel allowance is fixed by the IP Erasmus Project being financed.

For students the accommodation allowance is approximately 22 Euros/day, while the travel allowance varies from 275 to 350 Euros according to the departure point.

The European financing covers total travel costs and accommodation. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reimburse breakfast and other meals, and so the Workshop organisation is seeking an agreement with the university’s canteens around the city. In any event, the accommodation facilities feature a kitchenette and there is a supermarket next to the residence.

15) What is the nearest airport to the Workshop?

The most convenient international airport for Parma is Bologna.

16) Can I choose another arrival point?

Certainly, any airport may be chosen for the arrival (if it proves cheaper).

17) In that case will my train/bus ticket be reimbursed?

Certainly. The total cost of the journey (plane + train/bus) will be reimbursed upon presentation of travel documents or invoices in the name of the traveller.

18) Can I travel business class?

No. Only economy class flights are permitted.

19) If I lose the bus/train/plane ticket will I still be reimbursed?

No. Undocumented travel expenses cannot be reimbursed

Can a ticket purchased with a credit card that isn’t mine still be reimbursed?

Certainly. Independently of who pays, the ticket must be booked in the name of the passenger/Workshop student

20) Is there a Workshop website?

Yes, certainly.

The Organisation publishes information about the Workshop on the site in the scrolling banner Compact City Architecture at the bottom right, which will eventually become the official Workshop website: 

The site contains basic information, preparatory materials, work in progress and final results. Each university will be given a password to access the Download area to obtain preparatory analysis documentation on the theme and the project.

21) What material will I find in Parma?

The Organisation will supply students with the basic material on paper and in digital format when they arrive in Parma, together with a series of practical information for their stay.

22) Can I bring my own computer?

Certainly. We recommend you bring your own portable computer and/or other project tools

23) Is there Internet access at the Workshop?

Certainly, the Workshop area will feature Wi-Fi, Internet access

24) What if I want to scan or print a drawing?

The Workshop area will feature a workstation with A4 scanner and A3 printer.

Each group will have petty cash available to make large format prints and purchase materials for model-making.

The Organisation will supply a general model.

25) How will the groups be made up?

Groups will be formed on the first day of the Workshop according to nationality and complementary project experience, taking care to subdivide them equally according to their university year.

White Team:
Lecturer-in-charge Prof. Carlo Quintelli, Parma
assistant professor (tutor): Paolo Strina/Enrico Prandi, Parma
2 students from Parma – Italy + 1 student from Prague – Czech Republic + 1 student from Nantes – France + 1 student from Amburg – Germany + 1 student from Istanbul - Turkey

Blue Team:
Lecturers-in-charge Prof. Ondrej Cisler, Prague
assistant professor (tutor): (Tomas Oth), Prague
1 student from Parma – Italy + 2 students from Prague – Czech Republic + 1 student from Nantes – France + 1 student from Amburg – Germany + 1 student from Istanbul - Turkey

Orange Team:
Lecturer-in-charge Prof. Susan Dunne, Nantes
assistant professor (tutor): (Petra Marguc), Nantes
1 student from Parma – Italy + 1 student from Prague – Czech Republic + 2 students from Nantes – France + 1 student from Amburg – Germany + 1 student from Istanbul - Turkey

Purple Team:
Lecturer-in-charge Prof. Gesine Weinmiller, Amburg
assistant professor (tutor): (Francois v. Chappuis/Hannah Jonas), Amburg
1 student from Parma – Italy + 1 student from Prague - Czech Republic + 1 student from Nantes – France + 2 students from Amburg – Germany + 1 student from Istanbul - Turkey

Blonde Team:
Lecturer-in-charge Prof. Aykut Karaman, Istanbul
assistant professor (tutor): (Özge Gündem/Lory Zakar), Istanbul
1 student from Parma – Italy + 1 student from Prague – Czech Republic + 1 student from Nantes – France + 1 student from Amburg – Germany + 2 students from Istanbul - Turkey

26) Is there a programme of the Workshop activities?

Yes, certainly. The programme can be downloaded from the site in PDF format and is the same as the paper brochure you will find in Parma

27) What expenses does the Erasmus scholarship cover?

As well as the return trip, the Workshop organisation will arrange accommodation in Parma (only a bed), for the entire duration of the Workshop, and so the student is not expected to pay for these.

28) Where can I get further information?

From the general secretaries’ office for the Workshop which is based in Parma

Campus Universitario

Viale G.P. Usberti, 181/a

Tel +39 0521 905929 Email:

Ms Eugenia Marč