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Lamberto Amistadi

Graduated with honours in Architecture from the IUAV University of Venice under Luciano Semerani. In 2003 he did a research doctorate in Architectural Composition, again at the IUAV.

From 1999 he took part in teaching and research sector ICAR 14 organised at the DPA of the IUAV by Luciano Semerani (2000, “Architecture and urbanised countryside in the metropolitan area between Padua, Venice-Mestre, Treviso”; 2000-2002, CNR Research “Integration of the photovoltaic effect in building”; 2003-2004, “Eco-sustainable Settlement Models”).

In 2002 he became a lecturer in “Theories of Contemporary Architectural Research” at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Parma and in 2007 at the Architectural Design Workshop II: Architectural Composition, where he dealt with themes relating to landscape and the construction of the contemporary city.

From 2005 to 2008 he taught Analysis of Urban Morphology and Building Typology at the “Aldo Rossi” Faculty of Architecture in Cesena.

He has written various essays for magazines and collections of volumes and organised major exhibitions as part of the Festival of Architecture of Parma, Modena and Reggio Emilia (Genealogy section of the exhibition ‘laboratorioitalia, an Exhibition of Architecture 2005’; Le declinazioni del gusto. Eight architectural projects for the present and future landscape; Wundertal. Places and figures in the Chiese valley).

For the CLEAN publishing house he edited the volume by Luciano Semerani, L’Esperienza del Simbolo. Lezioni di Teoria e tecnica della Progettazione Architettonica for the TECA series, Teorie della Composizione Architettonica while for the same series in 2008 he published TECA 3, Paesaggio come Rappresentazione.
He lives in Venice where he works as an architect.